Accommodation Search Workshop for Germany

Learn Actionable Steps and Email formats that lands you a nice living place in Germany!

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Your Instructor

Bharat Chaudhary
Bharat Chaudhary

Bharat finished his Masters in TU Hamburg with the German taught Masters program M.Sc. internationales Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen and has helped hundreds of students to start their studies and career successfully in Germany with his online courses.

What You Will Learn in the Workshop

  1. 1 hour of detailed coaching on how to find accommodations in Germany. It wouldn't be helpful for you just for now but also when you are in Germany and want to change places.
  2. 30 minutes of live example and case study
  3. 30 minutes of QnA
  4. Email and DM templates for getting better responses from landlords/WG providers.
  5. Signs to watch out for to judge if the offered place is a legitimate or a scam.
  6. Contract related things that you should take care of when you are finalizing the deal with the accommodation provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access to the workshop?
Once enrolled, you will have access to the workshop forever!
How long will the workshop be?
The workshop will take place for around 1 hour + 30 minutes of a live example and case study + 30 minutes of QnA
Will I also get the sample email format which I should use to approach the landlords?
Yes! All of those details along with samples will be discussed in the workshop and will also be available in the lesson text on BiG Academy once the workshop is done.
I am an enrolled student of the "Complete Course for Studying in Germany". Do I have to pay for this workshop?
NO! You are an enrolled student and as promised, you get support from the moment you enrol in the course till the time you are done with your Masters in Germany. You don't have to apply separately for this workshop and the link will be provided to you in the private Facebook group for the enrolled students.
When will the workshop take place?
The workshop will take place on Sunday 12:00 IST and will go on till 14:00 IST You will be able to attend it live from this platform.

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