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I am Bharat Chaudhary, a dedicated educator with several years of experience in guiding students through the complex process of college and university applications. My journey in the academic field has equipped me with a deep understanding of admission protocols, scholarship criteria, and the key elements that make an application stand out. Leveraging this expertise, I have successfully helped many young aspirants craft compelling applications that reflect their true potential and align with their academic ambitions.

My connection to the "Bachelors Application Service" course is rooted in a strong desire to empower students at this critical juncture in their educational journey. I take pride in staying up-to-date with changing admission trends and continuously refining my approach to meet the unique needs of each student. My passion lies in demystifying the application process and supporting future scholars in navigating their path to higher education with confidence and clarity.

M.Sc. from TU Hamburg

With our expert guidance, the university application phase becomes a smooth journey towards your dream university. As a graduate of TU Hamburg, I offer firsthand experience of the German university system. With our personalized approach, we've helped over 700 students secure placements in top German universities every year.

Our pioneering YouTube channel, the largest of its kind, provides invaluable resources and firsthand experiences, preparing you thoroughly for your adventure. From application procedures to cultural integration, we cover it all.

Choose us for your German university application and let our expertise, pioneering support, and proven results turn your dream into reality.

How to study Bachelors in Germany?

There are 4 ways of studying Bachelors in Germany:

  • Doing a Studienkolleg (takes around a year)
  • 1 year of Bachelors in India (also takes minimum of an year - can mean another 6 month gap if timelines don't match between when you receive your mark sheet and when the application deadlines are closing
  • JEE Advanced - by far the fastest way to quickly start your Bachelors in Germany - but the most difficult option of them all.
  • Direct Bachelors after 12th - this is a new option which essentially gives students the same opportunity that JEE Advanced scorers have - to start their studies in Germany after their 12th in a select German state-recognised private universities.

Germany Bachelors Direct-Entry Application Service

Are you ready to take the leap into higher education but feeling overwhelmed by the application process?

Dive into our comprehensive program designed to arm you with all the tools and know-how you'll need to craft standout applications for your dream bachelor's programs. From understanding the intricacies of different university requirements to perfecting your personal statements and essays, we’ve got you covered. You’ll learn to navigate the often confusing waters of application deadlines, recommendation letters, and scholarship forms like a seasoned pro.

But this isn't just about filling out forms; it's about learning how to present the best version of yourself to admissions committees. We'll help you develop a personal brand that shines through your applications, enhancing your chances of landing a spot in the programs you're aiming for. Plus, the skills you'll acquire aren’t just for academia—they transfer seamlessly into the real world, where presenting yourself effectively can open doors across numerous professional landscapes. Let's make sure your first big step into the world of higher education is a confident stride in the right direction!

But this service is not for everybody.

There are a few requirements that you need to keep in mind when opting for this service:

  • minimum score in Bachelors should be 60%.
  • good financial background is important because direct entry is allowed only by selected State recognised private universities in Germany with tuition fee.
  • You are somebody who value time over money - this mode of studying Bachelors in Germany helps you prevent wasting 1 year of Studienkolleg in Germany.


There are few pointers to keep in mind when planning your Bachelor studies in Germany:

1) Below 50% - you are NOT eligible to study in Germany (at all)

2) Between 50%-60% - you are eligible for direct-entry in a very few German universities.

3) Above 60% - you are eligible for direct-entry to more programs in Germany.

4) Above 90% - you do not have to go for a visa interview at all and can simply submit your documents for visa application at VFS.

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