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Kowshik Srivatsan
Kowshik Srivatsan

Kowshik Srivatsan is pursuing his masters in Computational Sciences in Engineering at TU Braunschweig, one of the TU9s in Germany. He has a gold-medal in Mechanical Engineering from Goa College of Engineering and has a keen passion to help fellow students pursue their dream of studying in Germany. He has a stellar academic record and has been part of BiG Academy for over 3 years.

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πŸ† From Gold Medalist to GRE Maestro

Hello, future graduate students! I'm Kowshik Srivatsan, a proud university gold medalist in Mechanical Engineering with a passion for empowering ambitious minds like yours. My academic journey led me to score an impressive 331/340 on the GRE, balancing a 168 in Quant and 163 in Verbal, complemented by a 5 in Analytical Writing. I also aced the TOEFL with a score of 110.

πŸ“š Excelling in Computational Sciences - TU Braunschweig

Currently, I'm pursuing my Masters in Computational Sciences at TU Braunschweig, one of the elite TU9 universities in Germany. Here, I've maintained a top-tier German grade point of 1.3, completing 90 ECTS with just 30 to go. This path has not only deepened my academic prowess but also honed my skills in critical thinking and analytical problem-solving – key ingredients for GRE success.

🌍 A Journey with the BiG Academy

My experience extends beyond academics. I've been both a student and an alumni contributor at the BiG Academy for over three years. This unique perspective has equipped me with insider knowledge on the challenges and strategies essential for mastering standardized tests like the GRE.

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🌟 Personalized Strategies: Drawing from my rich academic background and personal GRE triumph, I’ve crafted a course that offers personalized strategies to tackle the GRE. Whether it's mastering tough quant problems or navigating complex verbal reasoning, I've got you covered.

πŸ“ˆ Proven Success Techniques: Learn the techniques that not only helped me excel but have also aided many students in reaching their GRE goals. From time management to understanding the intricacies of the exam, every lesson is designed to push your score higher.

πŸ“– Comprehensive Resources: Gain access to extensive study materials, practice tests, and exclusive tips and tricks tailored to the GRE's latest format.

πŸ”‘ Unlock Your Potential: Whether you’re aiming for a top-tier graduate program or looking to improve your score, this course is your key to unlocking the full potential of your GRE performance.

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