How to use this course? (FREE PREVIEW)

Faster German Stories was a big and passionate project of ours to bring something to our students which doesn't yet exist in the 'German teaching' market - no language institute or tutor offers these. The biggest benefit of the 'Faster German Stories' is that it doesn't matter if you are learning German on your own, with an institute or via the Faster German Online Courses, you can use them in any scenario.

And just as the 'classic BiG Academy' style - we keep our focus 100% on the students.

Which means super affordable prices and the best teaching quality, that you will simply not find anywhere else. We believe in long term enormous value addition to our students - to make their lives fun and more comfortable and at the same time, help them to up-skill themselves and guide them whenever they need help.

That has been our focus ever since we launched BiG Academy and it continues to be our focus going ahead.

If you have feedback or suggestions for Alina and I, you can always reach out to us at [email protected] . We are always happy to hear from you.

Or if you prefer Instagram, here you go:

There are so many different and fun ways, you can use this online course in!

Once you are done with 21 stories, let me know how you learned with the stories, how you liked them and what you'd want the theme of our next volume to be. :)

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