Want to enroll in Faster German A2+B1 course?

The problem with the random courses that you find on Udemy and other platforms is that they never prepare for the final Goethe A2 or B1 exam - which is very important because without having a certificate, you can tell the world that you are proficient in the language, but everybody still wants to see the certificate - your target university, your employer or the company you want to apply to.

And when you go to the local language institutes - the prices that get charged are 4-5x of the cost of our course - and without you ever having heard or taught by a native German speaker. No wonder so many students then complain that they fail in the listening part of the Goethe exam.

The Goethe exam is also not cheap.

So it is important that you get it right - ideally in the first attempt.

And it is really not that difficult if you are well prepared!

That's how the Faster German A2 and Faster German B1 course is the best of all the world in all the multiverses - you get everything that you need at a fraction of the price!

Only 9998 INR for both A2+B1 levels with exam preparation.

There is also option to make the payment in EUR on the course page.

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