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Built w/ Native English Speakers

In the practice papers, the listening and the speaking parts include native English speakers from Australia and UK, so that you get the authentic accents and can perform really well in your IELTS exam!

Erika from England
James from England
Stefanie from Australia

Here's a simple reason you'd absolutely love IELTS Crash Course Online!

Along with the reason that you get LIFETIME ACCESS to this course!

A simple, precise and to the point prep course for IELTS

And you don't need months and years to prepare for it. Can you watch a season of Friends and understand without subtitles? Game of Thrones? Breaking Bad?

If you can, then all is left for you is to prepare for the format of IELTS with some really great help and solid strategies!

I didn't have much time to prepare for IELTS: Just around 3 hours actually, but I still managed to get an 8.0 band, because of the strategies I used while going through the sample papers.

Those exact strategies I will teach you in this course.

All of that, without making the course unnecessary long or insanely complicated.

Erika's deep and clear audio monologues will help you get a better understanding of the types of accents you will have to understand in the exam. She also speaks in the Speaking section of Paper 1 + Paper 2

Stefanie is expressive, gives detailed answers and her voice tracks will give you exposure to a different accent that you can come across in your IELTS exam too. You will see Stefanie in Paper 3 + Paper 4 of the exam.

James' British accent that you would hear often in the exams. Along with listening to his audio in the Listening sections of the Practice papers, you will see him in the Speaking section of Paper 5

Your IELTS Crash Course Curriculum

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  Section 2: Reading
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  Section 3: Writing
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And here's what students say about this course!


Use the course in pyjamas from the comfort of your home or in your university library, we don't judge!

You can use the course over a long duration over multiple devices.


That's not how we teach things though. Everything in the course is relevant and to the point. Exactly the amount of information that will get you good results in IELTS.

Unlike other language schools and teachers who bloat their curriculum with unnecessary lists and content!


Without unnecessary information, you can go through the course curriculum fast and get started right away with the practice papers and your IELTS Essentials model papers which come with the exam registration.

This Course Simplifies IELTS Academic

We do not believe in unnecessary jargons, nor do we believe in scaring people into spending time in learning nonsense stuff that they will never need in their lives.

Just thinking about writing the IELTS exam give so many people sleepless nights!


It doesn't have to be that complicated.

The key to scoring really well in IELTS is format and strategy not learning a dictionary. Once you get a hang of the format and know the strategy of solving different tasks, it will be one of the simplest exams you will give in your life.

And all of those tips and strategies, we will teach you in this course with detailed lessons on every single section:

Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking


5 Practice Papers (with solutions)


LIFETIME ACCESS to the course so you don't have the pressure to start right before exam!


Option to get your Writing and Speaking Tasks evaluated by our experts to get an 'Expected Band score' for your IELTS exam for the original Mock Papers included in this course at checkout. This means you will know if you need more time and should reschedule the exam!