Unser Hotelzimmer

I have a cool tip for you: practice these 'mini vlogs' with a pen and notebook. I personally found it very helpful when I was learning German myself.

Also, we will not include english translations because that makes your brain constantly 'fall back' to English translations for the German sentences, which is good in the short term but no when you want to learn the language right.

Hence the reason why so many 'DaF' German books (Deutsch als Fremdsprache) which teach you German are completely in German themselves!

And they work!

Once you go through the video, understood the video with the notes you made, you can go ahead and start this quiz:

Some notes from us:

1) When you say 'ich zeige dir mein Hotelzimmer': mein is the akkusativ version. (remember, in neuter, both Nominativ and Akkusativ get das, das, same with possessiv pronouns (mein): mein, mein). So, if you would say the same for 'Stuhl', it would be 'ich zeige dir meinen Stuhl' direct object, mostly akkusativ. When you don't understand a sentence and not sure if it should be akkusativ or dativ, always check linguee.com or deepl.com

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